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NW Cabinet Source

Have a cabinet-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

What makes NW Cabinet Source's cabinets unique? 

We can provide much more than just custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR; we provide products quickly whether you're a remodeler or a homeowner, and whether it's a quick condo refresh in Portland for a resale or a high-end estate custom build. According to Forbes, most base cabinets are 24 inches deep, but we offer many different customization options. Our design staff at NW Cabinet Source sets us apart with their attention to detail and treating every project with a keen eye for creative solutions and best-in-class customer care.

How long does it take to deliver the Signature Line of cabinets? 

Signature Line cabinets in the Pacific Northwest can be provided as quickly as two weeks from the time the order goes into production. Looking for a fast remodel? We've got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR.

What range of products does NW Cabinet Source offer besides cabinets? 

NW Cabinet Source offers a wide array of products outside of just custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR. We also offer countertops, cabinet organizers, pulls and knobs, sinks and faucets, tiles, flooring, stone for indoor and outdoor use, custom millwork, closets and shelving, solutions for outdoor entertainment, and a variety of other custom solutions to meet all your home remodeling needs. We have partnered with countless vendors that specialize in their field and products.

Can NW Cabinet Source assist with complete design overhauls? 

Yes! We have a team of design specialists, and our licensed general contractors can assist with as little or as much as you'd like to bring your project to a successful completion. We also work with remodelers and builders if you've already secured these partners. We work with them to provide them with the products and services they need to complete your project. Whether you need flooring, sinks and faucets, or custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR, our team is here to help.

What are the options for countertops, and how do they complement the cabinets?

Our countertop options are vast -- primarily utilizing marble-look, granite, quartzite, or quartz in today's market. We can also provide more exotic looks and textures. We have several wood-top options or chef-style metal finishes to bring the space closer to your passions. For more information about our countertops or custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR, contact us today.

How does NW Cabinet Source ensure quality in its products? 

We strategically partner with vetted, long-lasting product partners to ensure quality products we've been comfortable placing in our own homes. With new cutting-edge technology and up-to-date finishes, we talk extensively with the vendor about their materials and practices. We are consistently on-site verifying quality, timely deliveries, and precision installations. That's why people come to us for custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR!

Are there customization options for cabinet organizers? 

Yes! Customizations are possible directly in cabinet manufacturing. As a premier partner of Rev-A-Shelf, after cabinets have been installed, we recommend considering their selections for cabinet inserts and organizers. They are unparalleled and have nearly countless options for creating a space that's perfectly engineered to your habits, interests, and style. Come to us when you need custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR!

What types of customized cabinet pulls and fixtures does NW Cabinet Source provide? 

We have several vetted partners, from Top Knobs to Hardware Resources, offering thousands of styles for your custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR. However, pulls and fixtures are almost endless, so NW Cabinet Source will work with you to find the right fit for the look and feel of your renovation.

Can NW Cabinet Source provide solutions for unique spaces like entertainment rooms, theaters, outdoor kitchens, garage renovations, storage build-outs, or living rooms? 

Absolutely, we love all this stuff! From countertops to stone to custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR, we've got you covered.

What are the steps to start a custom remodel project? 

Book a consultation with us today! Fill out our online form or call (503) 520-1111 to get started with your custom cabinets in Lake Oswego, OR or any of our other services.

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