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Hillsboro Oregon Mix-Modern Flair

This was a typical 70's old-school kitchen transformed into a classy modern space for entertaining. The remodel, undertaken by NW Cabinet Source in Hillsboro, perfectly encapsulates our expertise in blending contemporary design with functionality. By reimagining the layout, introducing sleek cabinetry, and incorporating state-of-the-art appliances, we have created a kitchen that not only serves as a hub for social gatherings but also stands as a testament to timeless style and efficiency. This Hillsboro kitchen remodel showcases our commitment to turning outdated spaces into elegant, modern masterpieces.

Southwest Portland Custom Build

Tailored for a couple seeking a blend of bold dark tones and a pinch of playfulness, this newly constructed custom home resides in SW Portland. From the ground up, we worked to infuse more colorful design elements that resonate with the couple's vibrant style, while ensuring a cozy, classic, and welcoming atmosphere. We used some cutting-edge materials and innovative design techniques to enable a home that was set up for an open kitchen and entertainment space. 

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