Our most basic service, and yet a critical part of a sucessful execution of your project.  Yes, even this service comes with a 100% credit towards your cabinetry order.  

Even though this is geared towards a more basic design and measure service, the vaule is certainly there.  It will save you time and money knowing up front the design and materials you have in mind.  Schedule your kitchen design appointment now!  We'll come out to your home, and go over some great ideas with you.  Help give you some direction, if you don't have a vision in mind, quite yet, we can help.   We're very experienced with space planning, working through every nuance of remodeling an existing space, and keeping your budget in mind.  It's a great way to start your project, and bring your dreams to reality.  Schedule with us today. 



$150.00 Regular Price
$1.00Sale Price